What happens in Vegas... doesn't always stay in Vegas

...ends up on LinkedIN. What better way then to sum up the EPiServer Ascend '15 event with an overview in ink.

First of all kudos for Ink Factory for making this happen. They did a perfect job of capturing all our techy thoughts and nerdy ways in ink. I have already shared two of the sheets, but will also add them to this post to complete our journey.

Please note these overviews have been made capturing the most significant details of keynotes, audience feedback and twitter thoughts. They do not capture the event in full but hopefully will empower you with some knowledge for yourselves to use. If you have any question on the details of an item, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Ofcourse the conference was all about EPiServer and the new "epi" brand and logo, but it was also about aligning all minds in the same direction. Customer focus is among the top priorities of winning Fortune 500 companies and the new product Digital Experience Cloud will align to that. Below is the EPiServer market and product strategy overview.

Digital Experience Cloud is the new product which uses primarily the EPiServer code base but has also added proven Ektron functionalities to this which they have built from scratch. This harnasses the DNA of both products into one new product which has strong focus on customers and the editors who work with the system. In addition to this, partners are empowered to implement this the right way for their customers.


The first keynote by R. "Ray" Wang focussed on the disruption of digital business. There is a shift going on from IT to Digital. No longer has the technology the primary focus as this has become the foundation, the prerequisite, for transforming the business model. The Uberfication of everything is happening right now and companies should act. Now.

Next was Erik Wahl with his TEDx quality performance. Being a graffiti artist he is not someone you expect on the stage of a conference about Digital Transformation. He proved us wrong by touching on the key element of disruption: a creative mind. I really recommend to reach out and read his book "Unthink" to learn more about this subject.

The Audience

The audience was empowered with an App which featured both pragmatic as well as social elements. Thanks to EPiServer for the gift due to my social presence without ending up on the spam list. Enjoy the last overviews which feature thoughts and comments of the attending partners and customers.

Thanks for keeping up with me on what happened in Vegas and please share this within your organisation if this is relevant to you. I'm catching my flight.